Soft Starters

Empowering Industries – Industrial Motor Protection Systems
MV Soft Starter System for Sylvinite Mining in Spain
Soft Starters for Water Pumping in Taipei Financial Center
Soft Starter & Injection Brake for Debarker in a Sawmill
Medium Voltage Soft Starter for Oxygen Plant Compressor
Multi-motor soft starter system for Air Compressor – Steel Industry

At Jiangyin Xincheng Special Steel Co. in Wuxi China, starting the existing direct on line (DOL) compressors resulted in too large a line voltage dip, which in turn could lead

Soft Starters for Water Pumps in Mining Industry
Soft Starters for Thrusters in Marine
Medium Voltage Soft Starters for Compressors in HVAC Industry
iSTART Motor Soft Starter

The iSTART is the Solcon-IGEL group’s most advanced Low Voltage soft starter, with built-in bypass and 3-phase control. It incorporates enhanced soft-start and soft-stop characteristics, to provide the best solution

About Solcon-IGEL – Design, Development, Production of Motor Controls, Soft Starters
Compressors in Oil & Gas in Vietnam
HRVS-DN Medium Voltage Soft Starter

The HRVS-DN is a heavy-duty Medium Voltage Soft Starter, designed for all Medium Voltage AC induction motors running any industrial application. Designed with sophisticated motor control technology that ensures smooth

DRIVESTART Medium Voltage Soft Starter

The DriveStart is an IGBT-based medium-voltage soft starter. It is the first of its kind and has been optimized for applications that require the lowest possible mains load through correspondingly

RVS-DN Heavy Duty Soft Starter

The RVS-DN is a highly sophisticated and reliable three-phase motor soft starter designed for use with standard three-phase, three-wire and six-wire, squirrel cage induction motors. It provides the best method

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