Industrial Motor Protection Products

Empowering Industries – Industrial Motor Protection Systems
MV Soft Starter System for Sylvinite Mining in Spain
DriveStart – Soft Starter for Crusher

The main challenges of this on-site application are a weak power grid, the need for a high inertia start and a dynamic load change during the run-up phase (rotating hammers).

Medium Voltage Soft Starter for Oxygen Plant Compressor

The DOL – Direct Online Starter, is designed to digitally start medium voltage motors that do not cause excessive voltage to drop in the network supply, when there is a

Soft Starters for Thrusters in Marine
Medium Voltage Soft Starters for Compressors in HVAC Industry
TPR6 Temperature Protection Relay

The Temperature Protection Relay is designed to protect electric motors, transformers and other systems from overheating. The TPR6 has up to 14 temperature inputs that can be programmed to measure

iSTART Motor Soft Starter

The iSTART is the Solcon-IGEL group’s most advanced Low Voltage soft starter, with built-in bypass and 3-phase control. It incorporates enhanced soft-start and soft-stop characteristics, to provide the best solution

MPS6 Motor Protection System

The MPS6 is a Motor Protection System that offers protection, control and supervision for Low Voltage high power motors and is also suitable for motors operating in a Motor Control

MPS3000 – Motor Control & Protection Relay

Our Motor Protection and Control Relay provides a comprehensive motor protection and control package. It is a new generation of microprocessor-based relay / controller designed to operate with a three-phase

Compressors in Oil & Gas in Vietnam
SOLBRAKE – DC Injection Brake

Solbrake – DC Injection Brake, uses direct current (DC) to brake AC motors. The current is applied to the running motor as soon as the voltage is switched off. This

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