About us

The Solcon-IGEL Group is a combined experience and knowhow in specialized power electronics technologies that have been acquired by the companies of the group, over the past 100 years.  Solcon Industries  continues to build on a legacy of innovation in product design and manufacturing processes, bringing holistic solutions for a sustainable future that is both productive and efficient. Solcon Industries specializes in the design, development, and production of industrial electronic systems – motor controls, soft starters, and other industrial automation and motor protection solutions.

Through a Global network of certified partners and while utilizing advanced technology with cutting edge designs that are based on the ongoing field research, testing and development, with a design criterion that allows Solcon-IGEL as a group, to offer the highest long-term product reliability available in the market today while providing future focused innovative motor protection solutions in quick response to the needs of  industrial customers everywhere.

Accredited with ISO 9001:2015.
The products are designed to meet internationally recognized standards such as CE, UL, cUL, Ex, CCC and Gost-R. Lloyds, DNV, BV, ABS and others and are deployed to over 75 countries worldwide.

our Vision

To be at the forefront of innovation for the optimization of a safe, smart and sustainable future in industries and infrastructure and transportation, worldwide.

our mission

The Solcon-IGEL Group will be at the center of Research and development for innovative technological solutions for the future of developing the energy industry requirements.
We are committed to the growth and maintenance of the global partnership network while striving for excellence in its products, their quality and uncompromising customer service.

Our Values

safety first
Carefully planned training programs are revised and repeated periodically, along with ensuring that our products conform to specifications set by various certification bodies, help us ensure that all personnel go home at the end of the day.
At Solcon-IGEL, we believe that honesty is indeed the best policy, by undertaking to maintain a high level of ethics by way of transparency and fairness with employees, partners and customers alike.
We strive to deliver the highest quality through innovative solutions based on collaboration with our partners, long term experience and technological knowhow for unsurpassed value to our customers and a sustainable future.
High Performance
The Solcon-IGEL Group's organizational culture is built on a set of universally accepted behaviors and norms, facilitated by optimal tools and processes. Helping our employees to work as effectively as possible in achieving our business goals and creating value for our customers.
We are working to reduce our carbon footprint at our company’s facilities. In addition, Solcon-IGEL is designing sustainable products for green energy applications of the future while implementing sustainability into our manufacturing processes.


Solcon-IGEL remains steadfast in its dedication to creating and upholding a safe and healthy workplace environment for all employees. This commitment involves consistently providing the essential information, training, and supervision required to achieve and maintain these standards
Motor Protection Solutions - Ethics

The company’s management maintains an ongoing commitment to enhance employee training, keeping them informed about health, safety, and environmental protocols. Additionally, they empower employees with the resources needed to responsibly oversee their activities concerning quality and the environment

Innovative motor protection products

We place great emphasis on effective environmental management within our operations. Our aim is to reduce both direct and indirect effects of our activities, while actively contributing to the enhancement of environmental quality in areas under our influence

Motor protection products - sustainable

We prioritize environmental management particularly in addressing concerns such as electronic waste and optimizing our transport methods. We understand the significance of these aspects in our commitment to sustainable practices

Motor protection products - responsible

The companies within the Group are dedicated to ongoing enhancements in their environmental strategies and operations, aiming to prevent environmental pollution. Moreover, they pledge to adhere strictly to all laws and regulations in their actions and endeavors


Group Integrated Policy

Quality, Environment, Health & Safety Policy

Solcon-IGEL specializes in the design and manufacture of power electronic equipment for a wide range of industrial motors.

As a motor protection and  electronic equipment industry leader, the group focuses on the customer´s needs to achieve their complete satisfaction.
Demonstrating a strong commitment, the group ensures product safety for customers while strictly adhering to occupational health, environmental, and safety protocols.; it will act to actively safeguard the well-being of its employees by taking proactive measures regarding health and safety.

The management team within the group is steadfast in their commitment to complying fully with all legal requirements. They consistently monitor and promptly implement necessary changes to ensure adherence to regulations.


Tali Chen
CEO – Solcon-IGEL Group
Batel Katoa
CFO – Solcon-IGEL Group
Christian Peilert
SVP Global Sales & Marketing – Solcon-IGEL Group
Silvestro Russo
VP Business Development
Haim Cohen
COO – Solcon-IGEL Group
Andrei Drozdov
VP R&D Solcon-IGEL Group
Yosi Frank
VP Engineering, Services & Solutions Solcon-IGEL Group

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