One of key challenges in the growing EV-market is the cost efficiency of power electronics  that are used in EV-charging installations.

While the electrical isolation of EV-chargers is a strict requirement under the EV-certification rules, other parameters, such as power rating and power sharing features are left for the customer to decide on.

So that the installed power is utilized to its maximum, Solcon is introducing its integrated single cabinet design using electrically isolated DCDC

converters in the range of 120-360kW or 500A up to 1MW when 4 superchargers are installed.

The single channel power of the DCDC converter is 60/30kW, enabling the manufacture of charging stations that use a 4xEV matrix switch to provide flexible demand response and power sharing according to the priority set. If the single charging channel utilization has a limit of 50% and matrix switch is set, then the cost of the conversion equipment can be reduced by double without any limit on the maximum charge current.

Special Functions

  • DC-DC with HF isolation inside
  • Bidirectional Power Control
  • High efficiency High efficiency up to 98.5%
  • Voltage support/current limit control
  • Protections class IP54
  • Overcurrent, over/under-voltage, no-load, short circuit protections
  • Compact, upgradable Modular design enables customized power range
  • CAN Interface for Control & Monitoring



Typical Applications

  • Rapid Chargers
  • Charging Stations

DC-DC Converter

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