Energy Storage

Energy Storage

The installation of high-capacity grid requires us to comply with a few conditions, the main of which is safety.

When there are several series-parallel connected batteries in an installation, there is a huge short-circuit current. If there were to be any decrease in insulation or perhaps a DC pole short circuit to the ground, turning off all associated DC equipment would immediately be required to avoid the fuse failures that would occur in the event of a second pole short circuit.

Identifying a specific point pole-to-earth fault is a lengthy process, that can only be carried out by qualified personnel, during which all the DC devices are checked sequentially by connecting them to the DC bus and monitoring the level of isolation. During this time, the installation cannot operate and must be shut down.

The solution offered by the Solcon-IGEL Group is to divide the power on the DC bus into sections by way of isolated bidirectional DCDC converters. Each individual converter performs the function of electrical isolation, thus combining 3 important functions of power control, protection in addition to DC breaker.

The ability to combine up to 32 modules in parallel provides up to 2MW of power, at a current of 2500A and a voltage of 800V, which is ideal for building up electrical energy storage in the range of up to 20MW, a conventional LV-inverter and transformer would then integrate the energy into the AC network.

Special Functions

  • DC-DC with HF isolation inside
  • Bidirectional Power Control
  • Wide voltage range
  • Voltage support/current limit control
  • Direct Power over network
  • Liquid Cooling
  • CAN Interface for Control & Monitoring
  • Protections class IP20

Typical Applications

  • DC Microgrids
  • Renewable Energy – with DC Source

DC-DC Converter