Soft Starters for Water Pumping in Taipei Financial Center

Motor Ratings:
400V, 105A
Water Pumps

Taipei Financial Center Taiwan – The world’s tallest building, at 508 meters, populated by thousands of people at any given time, must pump water to each of its 101 floors.

101 SI-Start (iStart) Soft-starters soft-start and soft-stop these pump motors. The SI-Start eliminates high inrush current that would otherwise create voltage drops and mechanical shock. Solcon-IGEL’s pump-control software eliminates damaging water hammer that would stress water pipes, joints, check valves and other elements, while the built in Motor Protection package provides comprehensive protection to both the motor and the soft-starter.

The specialists from the engineering companies working on the planning of the project decided in advance to work with the strict standards of Solcon-IGEL in order to guarantee highest quality and maximum reliability.

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