Soft Starters for Thrusters in Marine

Motor Ratings:
6,6 kV / 1,5 MW

The Blue Marlin Transport Carrier is the world’s largest heavy transport carrier and carries mega cargos. The large power rating of the thrusters requires that special attention be paid to starting-current & voltage-drop issues.

Soft starters from the SI-HDN product range with an output of 4500 KW, 6600 V were installed by Solcon-IGEL for 2 retractable bow thrusters on an on-board network with 3 generators.

The installed medium-voltage soft starters from the SI-HDN series successfully meet the requirements for limiting the starting current and the voltage drop, in particular for operation on generator-fed networks. They allow the thruster to start even if only two of the three generators are in operation.

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