Soft Starter for The Largest Cruise Ship


In 2009, the Oasis of the Seas set sail as the largest and most groundbreaking cruise ship globally. Dubbed an architectural wonder on the ocean, it boasted 16 decks, 2,700 staterooms, and accommodated 5,400 passengers.

Back in the day, Solcon received a request to comply with the thruster vendor’s specifications, limiting the motor’s torque during start-up to 1.3 times the motor’s nominal torque. This measure aimed to minimize wear and tear on the thruster’s mechanical system. Additionally, starting time needed restriction to ensure the thrusters were operational within a reasonable timeframe.

Data provided by the motor vendor indicated a peak torque (breakdown torque) of 2.05 times the motor’s nominal torque. Solcon successfully met both requirements by implementing its advanced PULSE START technology. They applied a PULSE START of 280% xFLA (Full Load Amps) for 6.5 seconds, followed by a reduction in current to a CURRENT LIMIT of 200% xFLA.”

With our rich history of pioneering robust and reliable soft starters, Solcon continues to stand at the forefront of revolutionizing maritime technology.

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