Multi-motor soft starter system for Air Compressor – Steel Industry

Motor Ratings:
10kV, 15000kW & 7800kW

At Jiangyin Xincheng Special Steel Co. in Wuxi China, starting the existing direct on line (DOL) compressors resulted in too large a line voltage dip, which in turn could lead to shutdown of production facilities, which in the worst case led to shutdown of production facilities led.
The existing soft start system had not been functional for more than 6 years and had been switched off. The customer was also unable to provide engine and compressor characteristics for the optimized design of the start-up system. SOLCON-IGEL, with many years of experience in application-optimized starting systems, was commissioned to plan and deliver a new system here.
The new start-up system had to be incorporated into the existing plant with as few mechanical, electrical and control engineering changes as possible.

The multi-motor soft starter system was chosen, whereby both motors could be started up one after the other with the same power module.
A 1200A; 10kV selected from the SI-DN family.

The unit was tested, and the damaged motor components were replaced. Additionally, the unit was carefully tested, and damaged components were replaced, programed PLC, test full logic and protection during the FAT, and LV testing was repeated with all breaker cabinet.


After installation, the system was optimally adjusted to the requirements and tested. The integration into the existing plant could be done with minimal adjustment to the control. (Only the software adjustments by customer would be necessary).

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