Medium Voltage Soft Starter for Oxygen Plant Compressor

Motor Ratings:
6.6KV, 750A
Oil & Gas

Solcon-IGEL engineers have completed the successful installation and commissioning of a 6kV, 750A multi-start SI-DST (DriveStart) system using a medium voltage soft starter to start two oxygen compressors.
The largest compressor could be started with a starting current of 666 A and a starting time of 43 seconds.
This meant starting the motor with a starting current that is below the nominal motor current. As a result, there are no more voltage dips in the network when starting up and the compressors can be started at any time without risk to ongoing production.

Solcon-IGEL’s Si-DST is the first IGBT-based medium-voltage soft starter optimized for applications that require low starting current and/or high starting torque (heavy load). The IGBT-based medium-voltage soft starter prevents, dips in the supply voltage from occurring, and posing a risk of influencing production operations.

Furthermore, the capacity of the engines is increased, since the typical limitation of the permitted number of engine starts (3 starts with a cold engine / 2 starts with a warm engine) does not apply. The motor current at start-up is less than the nominal motor current. Another feature is that the wear on the drive train is noticeably reduced, which contributes to a reduction in service and maintenance costs.
The SI-DST (DriveStart) is characterized by the fact that it saves space and energy while at the same time meeting the highest performance requirements. The soft starter’s built-in bypass contactor is synchronized and closed immediately after the first start is complete.

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